A Farmer’s Insight

vietnamese-farmer-watering-crop-16131551Why Leave Heaven for Earth?

In a small village, a young farmer was lost in thought as he watered his crops. He could not understand why children were born into this world if Heaven was immensely more beautiful.

“Leaving Heaven for Earth, why this retrogression,” he quietly asked .

The next day, as he planted corn seeds, a picture suddenly arose within him.

He paused … and then voiced a question, “could a man’s descent to Earth be likened to that of a corn seed into the soil?”

A corn seed has within it the potential to feed thousands but this potential cannot be realized until the seed journeys down beneath the soil. It needs this transition in order to develop all its innate qualities after which it rises as a plant bearing rich fruits and adding value to its environment.

Perhaps man too is an unconscious seed with bountiful potential prior to his descent to Earth and needs the experiences acquired while on Earth in order to develop his innate qualities. After which he rises from the Earth as a fully conscious human spirit able to actively participate in the joyful activities of Heaven.

“It must be so,” said the young farmer. He smiled at the simplicity of it all and was thankful for his new insight.

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