Is there Life after Death?

Birth and Death

In the belly of a pregnant woman were twin brothers, Mark and Matthew, in conversation.

baby in belly

Mark: Do you believe in life after birth?

Matthew: Certainly, perhaps we will run on our two feet and eat with our mouths

Mark: Run on our two feet, are you crazy? Eat with our mouths? The umbilical cord feeds us.

Matthew: There has to be something out there, I feel it. I just cannot explain it.

Mark: This is foolishness, childbirth ends all life.

Matthew: What about mother? There has to be a mother out there who will take care of us after birth. That proves there is life after birth.

Mark: Mother? What mother, do you see any mother? It is just you and I here.

Matthew: She is all around us, we live through her. Where do you think the umbilical cord comes from? When we are silent we sometimes hear her singing or feel her stroking our world.

Mark: You make a good point Mark, but I cannot be sure. No one has come back after birth to verify that there is a mother out there or life after birth.


The question “Do you believe in life after birth” seems silly but is it any different from asking if there is life after death? We currently dwell in the womb of the earth and will one day transition to a different plane depending on our level of spiritual maturity.

The answers to the great questions of life need not remain a mystery, they sometimes lie in the midst of everyday experiences.

Author- Unknown

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