What is my PIN?


Looking Outward For Answers That Lie Within

Needing some money to catch a cab to a party, Sarah stops by a Bank of America ATM. She inserts her card and enters her personal identification number. Incorrect PIN flashes on the screen; she thinks… what is my PIN again? I know it begins with 1986, my year of birth, but what are the last two numbers? She tries 198605 but gets the same incorrect PIN message.

The line behind her is getting restless and in her panic she turns to the gentleman next in line behind her, a complete stranger, for his help with her PIN. The stranger pulls her aside and kindly tells her, “Nobody here can help you with your PIN. If you cannot remember it, call Bank of America and they will remind you of the numbers.”


Sarah’s question seems silly but is it any different from looking to others for direction regarding one’s life purpose? A person can ask his well accomplished neighbor about how he discovered his life’s purpose but anything more will be of no avail to him. Only within each person lies the answer to this question. Earnestly searching within for the abilities slumbering there is the only way. When in need of a reminder, we can humbly look upwards to HIM who placed the abilities within each one of us.

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