The Illusion of Freedom

Let The Spirit Lead

Rê was the invisible master and guide of Nebenteru, Pharaoh of Caught in WebEgypt. Rê’s sagacity was unmatched by that of any mortal but he lacked love. He was cunning and expected servitude from those he gave advice. Nebenteru was very well aware of Rê’s cunning nature but he enjoyed the renown which his obedience to Rê brought him.

He decided he would acknowledge Rê as the overlord of Egypt, relying on his cleverness to rule the nation as Pharaoh but retain his independence as his own master.  “I don’t belong to Rê, I arrange my personal life according to my own desires and inclinations; you must learn to draw the line against Rê’s influence over you,” he often told his son.

After many years, Nebenteru became ill and lay on his death bed. Rê appeared by his bed side looking down on him with a derisive smile. “Away with you Rê, you have no business here. I don’t belong to you; I always held the reins of my destiny using my intellect as my guide. I am my own master,” said the dying Pharaoh.

“You fool, who do you think guides your intellect? Every decision you made both as Sovereign of Egypt and as a man were subject to my influence over you through your intellect. You really think you could make use of me and just push me aside as you please; you must think you are cleverer than I? The stronger your belief in your freedom was, the firmer was my hold over you.”


We too often think that we are our own master. Upon honest reflection, one realizes that most of our decisions are greatly influenced by external factors- whether it be the desire to be admired, fame, money, status, etc. True freedom cannot be found where the intellect dominates; it exists only where the intellect is guided by the Spirit.

What can I get? – Here the intellect dominates                                                  How can I serve? Here the intellect is guided by the spirit

“No one is more a slave than the one who thinks he is free without being free”

~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

*Inspired from an Account of The Life of Nemare

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  1. The last two questions are very helpful…as it can be hard sometimes to distinguish between intellect and spirit!
    I will try to remember that!

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