O.M.G- A Dangerous Phrase

“OMG” is a common phrase we hear often in the course of the day.  In fact, it is now almost an automatic reaction to unexpected excitement, tragedy, disbelief or frustration. What danger lies in the use of this phrase? The story of the boy who cried wolf comes to mind. The villagers came running out as they heard the boy cry “wolf” only to meet him laughing. They warned him only to cry “wolf” when there was actually a wolf. Once again, the boy cried “wolf”- once again the villagers came running and there was no wolf. The third time, there was actually a wolf- the boy cried “wolf…wolf,” this time no one came.

In this case, the boy’s crying was of no value anymore so the villagers paid no attention to him. His words were meaningless for he played around with what he should take seriously. It is the same with the word, “God” – through this word and the concept behind the word; one can gain connection to The Creator of the universe in his most pressing hour of need. The power behind this word is unmistakably evident to him who uses it only in deep reverence. If this word loses its value through toying around with it, one can no longer gain a connection to the Source of all goodness through this word.  It then becomes an empty sound lacking any power.

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