The Right Mentor

The Right MentorSamuel has been overweight for years but his weight never bothered him. He walks with his head held high and takes great pride in his work as a janitor at a law firm in downtown Boston.

On a normal Tuesday afternoon at work, he receives an urgent call from a nearby hospital about his mother who was just rushed in after a heart attack. Samuel’s mother was also obese and her obesity caused the buildup of plaque on the inside of her coronary arteries which decreased the space through which blood could flow to her heart muscle, hence the heart attack.

Upon arriving at the hospital and seeing his mother, Samuel decides to change his lifestyle and lose weight. He cannot afford a gym membership or a nutritionist so he asks his friend, Melissa, for advice. Melissa is very intelligent and knows a lot about the recommended daily servings of each food group, the various types of exercises and even the health risks of obesity but there is one problem… she is obese.

Susan on the other hand, is quiet but is in tip top shape. She is not as intelligent as Melissa but she puts to practice the little she knows. Samuel quickly learns that Melissa cannot be of use to him because she always speaks of workout routines she has read about but never actually done. So he goes to Susan and she shows him a simple ten minute circuit training workout she does every morning which he decides to adopt. After two months and six hundred minutes of exercise, Samuel was astonished with the results of the simple exercise routine. He had lost fifteen pounds and felt much healthier than he had in years.


An alert man will seek his mentors among those who have become what he aspires to be and not those who merely speak eloquently about it.

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