Sharpening the Intuition

Business man writingSarah walked into her manager’s office seeking permission to take the next two days off and Mr. Noble happily acceded to her request. He said to himself, after Sarah left his office, “How was it that I knew her request before she voiced it?”

Mr. Noble is no stranger to sensing events before they happen. Just yesterday, he rightly predicted the caller before picking up his ringing phone. He had previously dismissed such events as flukes but the multiple occurrences within the last year proved otherwise and spurred him on to further investigation.

He decided to write down everything he could remember about his condition during these occasions. He realized that his intuition was sharpest when his spirit was filled completely with helping thoughts of others and when he spoke only out of necessity. The concentration of his thoughts on service to others freed him of himself while his practice of silence strengthened his connection with his inner voice.

Armed with this knowledge, the importance of guarding against the dissipation of energy through non-value added activities and idle talk became clearly evident to him.