All That Glitters is not Gold

OrangesDorothy, a stay at home mother, does most of her food shopping at Costco on Fridays. On one particular Friday, she saw two dozen oranges packaged in a beautifully designed box. The box had stunning artistic shapes on all four sides and came with a Bowie-class knife of pattern-welded steel.

The exquisite exterior of the box so caught her attention that she forgot to inspect the oranges inside the box. Upon arriving home and arranging the groceries, she realized that half of the oranges were rotten. Disappointed, she grabbed the box and drove back to Costco to return the rotten oranges.


Just as one does not purchase oranges based principally on the beauty of the box that protects it, one should not get carried away by the physical body which protects the real man, the spirit.   A lot of hardship can be avoided in relationships if more attention were paid to the state of the spirit as opposed to the vessel that shields it.

On first meeting a potential spouse or business partner, the man
who relies only on his earthly senses in his assessment exposes himself to grave disappointment because the earthly senses can only observe the transient form. The true person is eternal and therefore cannot be fully understood by earthly senses which are familiar only with the change of forms. The intuition on the other hand is never deceived because, being spiritual, it sees the true nature of the other person.

How does one know when the intuition speaks? It is unique to each person but know that it never considers earthly distinction (wit, academic merits, wealth, eloquence, physical “beauty” etc.). It speaks to the nature of the other’s spirit.