An Alignment with True Greatness

Describe what greatness means to you. This was Mr. Gutierrez’s assignment to his high school students. The students could be as creative as they liked, no restrictions were imposed except for the seven minute presentation time limit.

Zach knew exactly what he would present to his class. You see, Zach and his father have been volunteering at a local homeless shelter every Friday since he was 8 years old. He enjoyed helping people and realized that the more he served others the more it seemed as though everything in creation worked in his favor. This is greatness, he thought.  And so, he began typing  his presentation.

What is Greatness?

Greatness is Service. Nature gives freely out of love, take the sun for example, it gives its life giving rays and demands no compensation. Through service to others, we too act out of love and thereby obtain a direct connection to that same greatness which keeps the sun shining and our hearts beating. We do not own greatness but it always gravitates towards those who, like it, serve joyfully.

The beauty of greatness is that it excludes no one. As Dr.  Martin Luther King  Jr. said, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”

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