Mothers Day Gift

little girls in open fieldPatricia took her four year old daughter, Audrey, to the park as she does every Saturday morning. Audrey excitedly ran towards the slides while Patricia sat on one of the park benches. She whipped out her phone to check her “to do list” for the day and realized that she was yet to get her mother  a Mothers Day gift.

Patricia went through a divorce in the past year and her mother was a great source of support for her especially during the initial stages of the divorce process. She wanted to show her appreciation by giving her mother a special gift this Mothers Day. She thought hard for ideas but nothing worthy surfaced. She turned towards Audrey, who was just then laughing with a playmate as they both ran around the field. “She looks so happy,” Patricia whispered pensively with a smile. In that moment Audrey had given her a special gift- the gift of a child’s happiness to her mother.

From this experience, she now knew what to get her mother. Hearing her children sing always brought her mother joy because it meant they were happy.  Patricia decided she would send her mother a video of herself and Audrey singing the “You are my Sunshine” song. Her mother sang this song to Patricia as a child and loved it whenever little Patricia sang along.


What can a four year old give her mother on Mothers Day? What can one give The Creator to show gratitude for the gift of life? Simply to be happy, to enliven our activity with joy. For what else can one give to HIM who has it all?