A Good Man?

ancestor“My only request for my memorial service is that it should be short; do not mention any of my accomplishments or say that I was a good man, simply say that I was a man who strove to be good.” Prasanna Patel said to his grand-daughter.

“But Papa, you are the best man I know. If you are not a good man, then there are no good men on earth.”

“Child, you can only tell if a man is good by the nature of his innermost thoughts, therefore in most cases only the man who can read the thoughts of another can call him good. Even a man who risks his life for another cannot be called a good man if his action was prompted by the desire to be seen as a hero. The incorrect use of the designation “good man” narrows the scope of fulfillment for what it means to be good; being good means being spiritually mature for entry into the land of the pure spirits.  So please promise me not to call me a good man after I am gone.” He pleaded.