Fakira’s Mirror

“Does she see herself, how can she leave her house wearing those tight shorts,” Fakira said to her friend Sodiq after seeing their fellow classmate, Aisha who is only 5 feet tall but is easily over 220 pounds. “You would think that losing some weight would be a priority but she is not even bothered, does she not realize how easier her life would be if she freed herself from some of that weight?” She added.

“We all have our lives to live. Let her be,” Sodiq said in response.

As with Aisha, imagine all the unnecessary weight we carry around in the form of excessive anxieties and worries. We carry this ignoble burden around and are oblivious to our spiritual obesity because no time is taken in the middle of the haste for reflection. Could we but throw off this excess weight, how much easier life would then become.

With the right perception, Fakira could have gained much from her encounter with Aisha for she was being shown a picture of her inner state in the form of Aisha. She could not see this and thereby missed the opportunity presented for spiritual growth. Not for nothing do we encounter various experiences in the course of the day; we just need to make the effort to draw the right lessons from each experience.

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