Train of Thought

As you think, you Travel

Train of Thought

In the midst of a crowd jockeying for space to get on board an orange line train on a chilly spring morning in Boston, Kaylor spots a familiar face. Nico, his college roommate, smiles at the sight of his old friend and moves toward him. In their conversation it comes to light that Nico was laid off a year ago and is having a difficult time coping. “This whole system is messed up, man. A third of the jobs in my department were moved to India, do you believe that? Profit permeates all decision making,” Nico says to his friend.

Sensing the deep frustration in Nico’s words, Kaylor encourages his friend to avoid pessimism. “Imagine a man who is heading to Forest Hills but takes the train going the opposite direction to Oak Grove. Upon exiting the train at Oak Grove, does this man blame the train driver or the longstanding train routes?”

“No … but what does this have to do with me?” replies Nico.

“You have the choice to hop on any of the many trains at the train station but you are then subject to its routes and schedule, you cannot get on the Oak Grove train and somehow expect it to get you to Forest Hills. As with the trains so is it with a man’s thoughts. Avoid the train of pessimism if you wish to get to peace.”

“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are”

James Allen

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