The Truth Stands!

Truth Belongs To No Creed

The Truth Stands!

On their way home from grandma’s funeral service one snowy January evening, nine year old Samson asked his parents whether grandma was really in heaven as the priest had stated during the church service. “I believe so,” responded his father. “But how do you know? My friend Hafiz said that we enter a place between heaven and hell when we die and are questioned by angels there to determine if we are good enough to make it to heaven.” To this his mother responded, “You should understand that people have different beliefs and it does not mean they are wrong because their beliefs are different from ours. We have our truth and Hafiz’s family have theirs.”

Until a certain point in the history of mankind, the notion that the earth was flat was incontestable. Experts disseminated this view and others with any interest on the subject went along with the flat earth theory without  much examination of their own. Why exert any effort in thinking for themselves, after all the experts must know what they are talking about.

We now know the earth is spherical but what else do we consider as fact today which in years hence we would discover to be only opinion. How much of what we legislate as right will we later discover to be wrong? In the face of ignorance, amidst all confusion, despite man’s assertions, the truth stands! It stands oblivious to man’s opinion, dispassionate and inviolable.

Regarding eternal subjects such as the great questions of life (who am I, why am I here, what happens after death) which are of paramount importance to every human being, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “You have your Truth, I have mine.” This is said as if Truth were subjective, as if it takes into consideration the whims and feelings of we little human beings. The answers to these great questions of life can be found but only by the individual who seeks humbly and earnestly, not the one who thinks he already knows it. Adopting the beliefs of family, friends,religious representatives while forfeiting the right to objectively examine these beliefs for Truth is no progress.

Truth belongs to no creed or religion. There can only be one Truth and it stands unconcerned yet ever watchful; it is unconcerned as to whether or not mankind discovers it but is also ever watchful and reveals its light to those who humbly and earnestly seek for it in purity.


“It is incredible how naively the great majority of people cling tenaciously to their ignorance on such questions as whence they come, what they are, and whither they go!”

~In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

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