Flight of the Bird

Flight of the Bird

Leap or Remain Bound

A bird gazes at the sky and hesitates to take flight. It is not because it does not know how to fly– it does. It is not because its wings are inoperative–they work. It is not because it is without the willpower — it is within. The bird knows how to fly, and it has both the wings and the willpower. But its wings are inhibited, its willpower is fragile and its wings unsteady, because … deep within, the bird is not utterly convinced that the potential joys of being borne aloft this unknown airspace will outweigh the more familiar and seemingly closer pleasures of the ground. And so the bird remains earthbound, until the moment it can summon enough courage to take that self-preservative leap on the strength of hope and faith, or remain bound forever. It must decide, for the ground is quickly collapsing beneath it.

~By Ikenna Q Ezealah


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