Santiago and Frederick

Practice Simplicity With Constant Repetition

Unhappy with his weight, Santiago decided to begin an exercise routine with a trainer at his local gym. His seriousness was evident by his diligent efforts day after day despite the soreness of his body after each workout. He expected to make great strides and was disappointed at having lost only six pounds in the first month. “These exercises are not effective,” he sometimes said to his trainer. Slowly his enthusiasm waned … he terminated his appointments with the trainer and began looking online for more complex routines. He would begin one routine only to stop it after a few weeks since his desired objective had not being attained. And so it went for two years … the thrill of a new routine, its practice for a few weeks, subsequently followed by his apathy and the longing for a newer, more effective routine. He never practiced any particular routine long enough to reap its benefits.

Leaving the grocery store one morning, he saw a familiar face but could not quite remember how he knew the individual. “Long time Santiago, how have you been? We have not seen you at the gym in a while.” Santiago instantly remembered the voice of his former workout partner, Frederick, who stayed with the trainer after Santiago left. Frederick was almost unrecognizable, his face looked much slimmer and his belly had lost its roundness.  Santiago stood before his old friend in complete disbelief of his remarkable progress and realized his mistake in prematurely leaving the trainer.

Regarding personal growth, the incessant desire for newer knowledge without first consistently putting to practice previously gained insights is indolence disguised as earnest longing. It is through the consistent practice of the little things that real knowledge expands, not through outwardly searching for newer books and insights. With the consistent practice of the little things, however, the right books and circumstances will emerge at the appropriate time when the student is ready.

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