The Beggar in the Midst of Abundance

Beggar in the midst of abundance

Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

In his restlessness, Isak Svenson goes down on his knees seeking connection to The Creator. Unlike his friends, their social outings and the other thrills of life which formerly dominated his thinking no longer satisfied him. The increasing longing for some purpose, something greater which he could not quite explain but perceived within himself grew ever stronger.

Coming from a Christian background, he turns his gaze to the Bible. Night after night he prays but hears nothing. Night after night he reads his Bible but derives not what his spirit seeks. Week after week he attends church service but the transient uplifting feeling he experiences there fades shortly afterwards.

One morning on his way to work, he sees a healthy looking man in an old grey windbreaker on his knees begging for money. Given all the help available to the homeless in the city of Stockholm, Isak was indignant at this man’s level of laziness. He walked past the undeserving man somewhat upset at the sight he just witnessed… when suddenly, it dawned on him that he was no different from the beggar in his attitude towards The Creator. Night after night he begged for The Creator’s help, ignoring all the help surrounding him through the observation of his daily experiences. He is willing to stretch forth his arms to receive from The Creator , the Bible and his Priest but is not seriously willing to change himself. He does not question if his thoughts, words, and deeds are in accordance with the eternal principle of beauty but instead expects that help be given to him without any exertion on his part.

Upon realizing this, the form of his prayers changed. He no longer begged to receive anything but instead asked for the wisdom to properly utilize all that he already receives. He soon realizes that the inner transformation of adjusting his thoughts, words, and actions to all that is good and noble naturally strengthens his connection to the radiations of The Creator, the source of all goodness. This adjustment begins to gradually expand his awareness of the purpose of his existence as well as the abilities of his spirit, through which he is able to receive all he needs for his spiritual development.


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